Hello 2003

Wow. 2003. Seems like not too long ago it was 2000. But here we are 3 years later and look at us now. Every year I say that “this year will be great, I just know it” and I’m usually right in some sick and twisted way. Like I said yeaterday… there are good and bad things that happen all the time and I don’t imagine that anyone really knows the full extent of it.

Now that I’m done with that idealistic crap, let me get on with my Predictions for 2003:

  • I will finish echo!
  • I will find a girlfriend
  • I will own an Apple laptop (of some sort)
  • I will attend at least one “electronic music event”
  • I will redo my website so that it is XHTML 1.0 compliant.

OK, so those sound a lot like resolutions since they are all things that happen to me. But at least one of them I (seem to) have very little control over… so in that sense there is a predictive edge. What did you expect… I can’t see the future - although I can see the past really well. :)

Written by Colin Bate