Hell Week: Part I

That’s right, this is hell week. However, at the time of writing this hell is starting to cool off a bit. This week I have had a fair bit to do:

  1. Algo’s assignment due this morning at 8:30 - that one is out of the way.

  2. Networking assignment (C programming) due tomorrow at 3:30 or something. This is just about finished - I just have to add a few comments… I guess.

  3. Full featured web forum to program for Software Engineering by tomorrow at 3:00. This one is going to take some more serious time. Luckily I enjoy this stuff… this is the stuff I “do for a living” too.

  4. Programming challenge for Algo’s due 8:00am Thursday. Luckily this is a team effort and Chris has taken the initiative to get this working. He hasn’t procrastinated as bad as I have for this stuff.

Now that the first two are off the list, I feel much better. I may even be able to take a nap today at some point. :)

Oh and as a PS, Kieran was in here a few minutes ago playing games on my iPod. That’s right, my Apple iPod.

Written by Colin Bate