Hell Week 2K4 part A

It is finally over. Not that it doesn’t happen each and every term. Even if you stay relatively on top of things over the course of the term, things will always come up to attack you in the night while you aren’t watching at the end of the classes. This term was no different and I might even be heard to claim that this was a more brutal Hell Week than ever, but thinking back to Algos and Software Engineering last summer, I’m not 100% on that. In any case, I survived. I still have exams, but those barely count. Although I also have a huge assignment for code optimization and need to finish the Community Outreach report (and web site)

In case anyone was curious, I am home this weekend - enjoying the relaxation of being finished classes, spending time with my family for Easter. I’d like to wish everyone a happy Easter and good luck on exams to everyone who has them.

Written by Colin Bate