Halloween Again

Yea, it’s Halloween again… doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. I remember last year, I bleached my hair — and spent most of the evening doing a Discrete assignment. I remember when I had hair… I don’t miss it at all. I have decided that I am going to stop making empty promises to start updating my site more often. Clearly that has proven unsuccessful - and short of changing the way my front page is structured (which could happen over Christmas) I don’t see things changing too soon.

Glengary is going on another pub crawl on the 8th of November. The schedule should be up on the pub crawl page as soon as I remember which bars we are going to. That being said, the computer science pub crawl is also on the 8th and obviously that is a conflict, but one that I am going to have to live with. Yea I’m fine.

To tell you the truth, and I don’t want to sound whiney — or any more so than I really am, but I’ve been feeling pretty damn lonely lately. I mean, I know that only my friends read this site — and that alone is testament to the great friends I have, but still. I’m not particularly concerned about it however, I’m pretty sure it is me coming off of that anti-vertigo medication I was on for a while. For those who didn’t know, I had a pretty nasty case of labyrinthitis starting on the 16th of October. It’s an inner ear infection that did some crazy things to my balance. I was effective bedridden for 5 days or so, and it was the anti-vertigo medication that finally gave me some relief. But as it is now, I seem to be over it except that I am often really dizzy in the mornings for a while, but it does go away.

That’s it for now, enjoy the Halloween season, and if I don’t update until then, Merry Christmas too.

Cheers, rhuvok

Written by Colin Bate