Guten Tag

Munich, Germany

Greetings from Munich. I am currently staying in a great hostel here called Euro Youth Hostel, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about staying in Munich. On the train ride from the airport I met two other travelers who had just flown from Madrid and were staying one here, and the other nearby. Both American, we chatted all the way into the city and got along well. I’ve been doing some touring with them, including hitting up one of Munich’s famous beer gardens last night. I even had my photo taken with some Bavarian politicans. Tomorrow I head out on an early train to Vienna and meet up with a friend there.

As far as cities go, there is far more of a backpacker feel to Munich than to any of the other cities I’ve been too. I guess I feel it more since I am in a hostel, but this small street by the train station alone has at least four or five hostels on it. My time in Madrid in the past couple of days was also a lot of fun. Good to see some of my friends again.

I don’t have much longer on my Internet time here, so I will say good bye at this point, and hope to check in later on, somewhere… sometime.