Good to go

Bridges Hall, University of Reading

I am back on the Internet and I finally feel connected again. They actually served us supper tonight because it was the first night, but normally Saturday and Sunday suppers (or dinner if you prefer that name) are up to us. There are a couple of tasty looking Chinese, Indian and Turkish restaurants up by the Internet café I found earlier – so I don’t think I’ll have too much of a problem. They were serving fish and chips as well as lasagna – and although the lasagna was a bit greasy, it was pretty tasty and have no regrets about living in catered accommodation yet :)

There are some photos of my room and of campus up now in the photo section. Tomorrow I am to go enroll with the Faculty. At this point I have my NUS card – which is like a national student union card, but I don’t have the access card that will get me places (like into the meal hall after this week) and apparently I will get that tomorrow between 14:00 and 17:00 when it is computer science’s turn (along with Physics) to queue up to enroll.

I met a large portion of my floor mates and they are mostly new undergrads – all guys in this corridor which is how they do it. My next door neighbour (not the one from Canada) is starting into computer science and is quite excited to be living next to a CS grad student. My floor is also technically a quiet floor, but I get the impression that the chaps on my floor aren’t too keen on that.

There is only one shower on our floor and that is a bit concerning, but I guess we will see how that shapes up. Fortunately the sink in my room means that if the shower has a queue, then I can still freshen up a bit if I need to.

Written by Colin Bate