Good Meal, Good Deal

Infinite Rootbeer. It is a concept that brings a smile to my face. For this reason, any restaurant that sells Barq’s Rootbeer and offers free refills on said rootbeer earns a special place in my heart. One such place is East Side Mario’s. They currently have a deal on now, that allows you to order a few different types of pasta, which includes the unlimited salad and homeloaf. All for $10.99 – but wait, there is something else, free refills – on the pasta. Of course, of the half dozen people plus that took advantage of this deal, only one person got seconds on the pasta – me. Unfortunately, this second bowl, was not as creamy and didn’t taste as good. It also came in a smaller bowl, which I now understand considering that I barely was able to eat half of it. Waste not, want not or something stupid like that.

Oh and that deal also comes with a dessert and tea/coffee. Overall, it was a really good meal and I got to share it with some really good friends. A tip of my hat to the ever popular, ESM. :)

Written by Colin Bate