Getting your tasks done

Hamilton, Bermuda

Wasn’t sure if I was going to get this one out, as I was in the dark when Bermuda was recently hit by Hurricane Humberto, but we got our power back in time. I decided to continue with the productivity theme, in this case, a selection of “to do” applications.

There are a number of different types of applications and services for task and/or project management. These listed are more on the light weight side with basic concepts of projects and tagging. They don’t add a lot of setup or other overhead and can be used for specific aspects of your life or help you manage everything.

Todoist logo or screenshot


Todoist is a well known player in the task management app space. It has a comfortable interface and clients for pretty much any platform you may need. They are free for basic usage, but offer a reasonable Premium tier for $36/year. Where you will find Todoist shines over the next option in this list is with integrations. Since it has been around longer, it is integrated with more third party tools. For example, the time tracking tools from last issue.

Microsoft To-Do logo or screenshot

Microsoft To-Do

To-Do is free. Not a free tier, just free. If you’ve used or heard of Wunderlist (which was a popular task app), Microsoft bought them and created To-Do out of that expertise. There is the usual assortment of clients: web, iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. And the desktop apps don’t seem to be wrappers of the web app, they are nice native apps. If this type of simple task management is what you need, this is a compelling option, especially since they seem to be actively improving it.

Habitica logo or screenshot


Habitica is one I just found out about and it looks positively geeky. From what I can see, it treats your life, your goals and tasks like a game. You can level up and gain new equipment by completing tasks and forming good habits. There are social aspects to it as well, so you can involve your friends and colleagues in this game that is your life. And the whole thing is free, so lets face it, this is clearly the coolest option.

Written by Colin Bate