Getting settled

Bits and Bytes, Thessaloniki, Greece

Now that I have a few days under my belt things are looking like they might be decent enough for this term. Work is being done to not only have a dedicated lab available for us from 15:00 to 20:00 each weekday, but there is the chance (and I have it on good authority because I was consulted in the process) that wireless will be available for us to use our laptops – finally.

Four hours of class all at once is a bit daunting for a Wednesday and would have gone much easier had I not been up until 3am last night. But foolishness aside, I made it in for 10am and think I might have learned something in my Computational Intelligence class. Afterwards I ate bread and oranges in lieu of the disturbing fish lunch that was on the menu. I did get one and it was gladly picked apart by those of my friends less adverse to the scaly beast still featuring its head and tail. Honestly just looking at it made me ill. I went to the lab to find out that my login account doesn’t seem to be working, so I plan to email the appropriate tech support people on my current paid Internet session in hopes that tomorrow will be my lucky day.

After that I met up with Ion for coffee and we talked shop for a bit before we headed out for a Coles Notes version of downtown Thessaloniki. A bit peckish after the diminutive lunch, we decided to grab a bite of some authentic Greek Souvlaki. Very tasty and quite cheap, eating is something that the Greeks are fond of and for that I certainly can’t blame them. I also managed to scout out a couple of locations that I would like to take some photos – perhaps this weekend.

The only other notable event occurred last night as we were satisfying our internet cravings at Bits and Bytes each of us (the Guatemalans and I) in the middle of various conversations either typed or spoken when VRRMMM the power went out. And stayed out. Plenty of what I can’t only assume was swearing occurred in Greek and people started to mill about. So we left. We only had to pay I’d say half of the time we had been there which was nice. It turns out that the whole block between Vasileos Irakliou and Ermou was out. It may have extended farther, but we didn’t really check. Our hotel was still fine fortunately.

So that is the happenings of the past couple days. Hopefully I’ll have good news to report Re: the Internet in a couple more days. :)