Getting Cloudier

You probably know that I’m a fan of Cloudflare. I’ve mentioned them before in the context of their Workers product which I’ve used even more since I last wrote about it. They continue to release more and more developer-focused, cloud-native services. And not in a clumsy way to get to market. They are obviously not the first in this space. But I may argue they are one of the best.

It is no secret that I’m not a fan of AWS. The other big players in the game aren’t much better. But I’ve always found Cloudflare to get the Developer Experience right. That and their pricing is always better for the developer starting out. The hobbyists and tinkerers can play and experiment for free in most cases.

Today is Cloudflare’s 12th birthday, and they are posting updates and announcements as part of their birthday week. You can check out news on D1, their SQL database offering, as well as Cloudflare Queues and the open source release of workerd, the engine behind Workers. All this and more just makes me continue to be excited about Cloudflare and their take on the cloud.

Joe McDaniel