Fun Links 2016-09-16

To mark the occasion of the release of Angular 2 (finally), I thought that an Angular 2 themed set of links would be appropriate. And since I’ve been heavily steeped in React lately, it also gave me a chance to come up for air a little bit and see what is going on.

Angular 2
Can’t talk about Angular 2 without a link to the official page itself. This site is different to the one for Angular 1 and contains documentation and tutorials as you would expect. For those not subjected to my Angular 2 evangelism yet, it is a bit of a departure from its predecessor. It follows the more structured component-based approach which is very popular at the moment, and it brings some other technologies to the table with it. In particular takes particular advantage of TypeScript to support dependency injection and metadata. It also incorporates the concept of Observables via the rxjs package. You don’t have to use either in your applications, but the community is embracing them, and both are quite powerful additions if you take the time to learn them.

Angular 2 Courses @ Egghead
Three links for the price of one. There are three new Angular 2 courses available at Egghead which are completely free, at least for the time being. So unless you have a Pro Egghead account, or would like to, then I’d recommend checking out those courses sooner rather than later if you want to learn about Angular 2. That said, I do recommend a Pro Egghead account if you are interested in learning about the hottest web technologies.

Update: They are no longer free apart from the intro videos.

Given the popularity of Bootstrap for quickly bringing a UI to life, I wanted to mention the library which brings Bootstrap to Angular 2 using components and doesn’t require any of the out-of-the-box Bootstrap JavaScript. It provides components for the usual suspects like the accordion, date picker, and tabs.