Fun Links 2016-05-27

Not as much of a theme today for the links. A collection of tools that I thought might be of interest.

If you’ve ever used Dash on a Mac, DevDocs is a similar idea. A central place for technical documentation, with offline support and simple, quick search functionality. You can customize which docs you want to load, but unfortunately, MSDN isn’t an option at this point. Mostly web focused, so if that is your thing, this might be a great resource.

Apache Allura
Apache Allura is a software forge. That is to say, it is like a self-hosted GitHub. It has a wiki, issue tracking, forums, blogs and some other nice features in addition to managing code repositories. On that front, it supports Git, SVN and, with a plugin, Mercurial. It is written in Python and backed by MongoDB.

GraphQL is another one of the hot new technologies coming out of Facebook. It is a declarative, hierarchical query language and runtime which allows for more maintainable data access from your client applications (web, mobile, etc.) to your server. It essentially replaces REST and bespoke endpoints, being both less chatty and easier to maintain over time. Having seen examples of its use in an immutable application architecture, it certainly seems like a smart choice for some applications.