Fun Links 2016-03-18

I’ve mentioned Trello before as a personal productivity tool that many people use for managing software projects. I’ve used it myself for a few.

Some people use the issue tracking tools provided by GitHub or Bitbucket to manage their tasks, and that works. But I prefer to leave those for bugs raised externally. Even working on my own, I find tools with workflows and drag and drop particularly pleasant to use. So I’ve compiled a list of some software project management services online which hopefully people will find useful.

Pivotal Tracker
Pivotal Tracker aims to help you build better software faster. It is from the same folks who bring us the Jasmine JS testing library. From the looks of things, the tool has recently undergone a facelift which has people excited. They have a free plan which supports up to three collaborators and two private projects. Public projects are all free.

Clubhouse is a newer player, and it was created to overcome frustrations its founders had with existing tools. It features the ability to zoom in and out of projects to see different levels of details at a glance. The free plan here also allows for three collaborators, but unlimited projects.

Favro seems a bit more general purpose, similar to Trello, but looks like it would be quite capable of planning software development. Their free plan provides unlimited users and projects, but only a single service integration.