Fun Links 2016-03-04

Today I’m revisiting microservices, but from a slightly different angle. While I still don’t believe microservices are a panacea, they certainly have a place in today’s technical ecosystem. If you aren’t going down the microservices as a service route that I mentioned before, then you will likely need to consider how to deploy and orchestrate your microservices, whether that is in-house or in-cloud.

The whole concept of microservices just moves where the technical challenges lie, and in this case, pushes extra challenges into the territory of DevOps and Infrastructure. As such I’m listing some tools which are designed to help out in that area.

Giant Swarm
Giant Swarm is a company which provides support for microservice deployment. They provide professional support/consulting services as well as publishing several open source tools used in the deployment and orchestration of microservices.

Claudia is a tool that takes the pain out of deploying Node.js microservices to AWS. It allows you to get something up and running quickly without the hassles associated with AWS Lambda and API Gateway directly.

Linkerd touts itself as a modern RPC proxy for microservices. It sits near your application and provides abstractions for service discovery and load balances and instruments your remote services. This functionality allows you to make infrastructure and architecture changes without modifying application code.

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