Fun Links 2015-05-15

A functional reactive library, a new web browser and a new-school take on old school build processes. I hope that people find something interesting here.

The minimalistic but powerful, modular, functional reactive programming library in JavaScript. With reactive programming being in vogue at the moment, there are a number of libraries popping up in various languages. I’m certainly no expert, but I like the API on this one. Quite functional (and therefore very composable) with a number of convenient optional modules you can pull in.

A new web browser built from HTML, CSS and Node.js. Created by the former CEO of Opera, this is a browser designed for power users. Has built-in note taking, email, sync and host of other features that make this a unique offering. If nothing else you don’t get more meta than creating a browser using HTML.

A slightly different take on creating a web/JavaScript build system by allowing you to create a JS file that compiles into a Makefile. Of course, this is a bit more cumbersome for Windows users who would need to grab a copy of GnuWin’s version of make, but it might appeal to some. The library has a number of the standard operations (minification, concatenation, etc.) built-in.