Fun Links 2014-12-19

This is the last one of these posts for 2014. I hope you have enjoyed them.

Today is another mixed bag with a Kickstarter link, and a couple of IaaS links.

Wipebook 3
A notebook with whiteboard pages, so you can take your brainstorming with you or simply reuse your notebook over and over. You can already buy the previous versions of the Wipebook on their main site,

Real time messaging as a service. Not too different from PubNub which I linked to ages ago, but with a better free plan for people looking to create small test apps, etc. Has a nice feature of being able to provide “behaviours” which are small snippets of server side functionality, so you don’t need a backed of your own at all for any static web apps.

Another messaging as a service offering. This one only has a JavaScript and REST API, but that is enough to support pretty much anything, at least on the push side. The free plan on this one has no usage cap other than maximum concurrent users.