Fun Links 2014-11-14

Another web API related link and a couple of JavaScript-only database implementations.

Uses the API Blueprint format to generate an ASP.NET Web Api or the other way around. Useful for documenting your existing web API, or for creating an implementation after designing the API using something like Apiary or any other tool which creates API Blueprints.

A fast, in-memory document-oriented datastore for node.js and browser. Has Mongo and CouchDB style features with a focus on performance. Useful as a test database for applications, and supports disk persistence so could be viable for a small application. Also good for node-webkit applications running on a local machine.

Just so I don’t get called out for being partial to NoSQL solutions, I’m going to point out a pure JavaScript implementation of relational SQL. Still in its infancy, Alasql (à la SQL) supports an impressive set of SQL in all major browsers as well as Node.js. If you are dealing with data which is more relational (or you are more comfortable with it) then this is a viable option for dealing with local data.