Fun Links 2014-02-14

More links! All web stuff again, but this time mostly relevant stuff related to OA, or could be.

Take screenshots of websites at various resolutions from the command line. Drives PhantomJS, and would be great for adding to CI.

A streaming JSON parser for JavaScript. Think SAX for JSON. Fires events about JSON nodes and content while the JSON data is still being loaded. Falls back to normal blocking parsing on older browsers which don’t support it (IE<=9)

The AngularJS Magazine
A flipboard magazine devoted to AngularJS. Curated by Dan Wahlin who recently spoke at ng-conf and gives talks and training on AngularJS. We use AngularJS now, and we will be seeing more of it in the future, so definitely take a look.

JavaScript Promises
An article about native JS promises coming in ES6. Gives an introduction to what promises are and how they are useful. AngularJS uses promises, so if you aren’t familiar with the concept (sometimes referred to as deferred objects) then please look into it. I’ll probably give a talk at some point as well.