Fun Links 2013-08-23

We have a real grab bag this week.

Semantic Versioning
A specification for creating semantic version numbers for software with an eye to helping make dependency management a bit easier.

A JavaScript library which lets you use a Google Spreadsheet as a data source for tables/charts/etc on your website. (Link courtesy of Eric)

Online LATEX Collaboration
A two pack of links to online tools which let you collaborate on writing LATEX documents. Slightly different offerings, but if you are an academic at heart, or just enjoy fine typesetting then take a look at what they have to offer.

Formerly known as Zen Coding, Emmet is a syntax (and plugin for many editors) to make working with HTML and CSS more streamlined. As Emmet it is available for Sublime Text and many other editors that you may be using. Visual Studio support is available via Web Essentials 2012 plugin. If you don’t have this, you should get it. Information on the VS specific functionality is available in this post:

Written by Colin Bate