Fun Links 2012-03-02

Back by popular demand, I’m going to try and be a bit more organized in reminding myself to send these out. For those who are new, I am going to try to post a few interesting links to different technologies, libraries, applications, articles or whatever that are technology related. I’ll try to do it every Friday, but no guarantees. Also, if you run across something that is interesting that you would like to include, then by all means let me know. Otherwise my emails will be biased towards the things I’m interested in, namely JavaScript and NoSQL databases.

That said, here are this week’s links:

FitText and BigText
Two JS libraries which can be used to create display type (headlines) which work with responsive design.

2014 Update: I am using a modified version of BigText for the OA Wallboards

Cassandra vs MongoDB vs CouchDB …
A brief comparison between the many different popular NoSQL database solutions, allowing you to find the best one for your needs.

The no-library library. Think of it like a package manager for your browser.

jQuery Automatic Geocode
Provides incremental geographic search via Google Maps.

JS flow control micro-library.