Free week, part I

Bridges Hall, University of Reading

One of the benefits of having one week intensive courses, is that with only 4 courses in total and 10 weeks in the term it works out to be a bit of free time. I use that term very loosely because I spent the past two days writing C code for my project assigned last week. The good news is that I am finished of it now and it isn’t due until December. This is clearly some sort of record for me.

The rest of the week will be spent trying to write a paper that I have due at the end of the month. It isn’t long, nor should it be that difficult, but like anything it is that initial hurdle of getting the ball rolling that I have trouble with. In this case, the trouble lies in that I can’t decide on a good topic. I think that tomorrow I might just settle for an adequate topic (at least in terms of my interest level) and try to run with that. More on the paper will follow as I’m sure it will attempt to get me in the end.

Even though I have no lectures this week, I am still getting up at the usual time and going to breakfast. This is an attempt to keep some sort of routine. Even with my early mornings I still found it necessary to stay up until 2am last night debugging an FTP server (that forks sub-processes no less).