Frat Boys

Everyone has seen movies or TV shows where fraternities are involved and they are doing what they do best - usually drinking or generally not getting much done. We as it would turn out in my three years at university I haven’t really come across much frat activity. Sure I’ve heard about certain parties that I wasn’t at because I’m not one for parties, but other than that, it’s been pretty low key. My point? My two esteemed roommates have decided that it would be a great idea to move into a frat house. A medical frat house. The main appeal being the considerable savings of money from staying in our existing location. Normally when roommates bail, there is a hassle about subletting and transfer of various things, worrying about additional costs… etc. However the one redeeming factor for living in the university owned apartment building is that I won’t have anyone else move in with me when they leave. So I’ll have a three bedroom all to myself, just like last summer. Not only that, but I’ll have an in to some serious party action at said frat house. All told, it should be pretty interesting remaining of the summer. :P

[Note: I just wanted to say that my roommates aren’t bailing on me, but the building we live in.]

Written by Colin Bate