Fountain of No More Exams

AUTh Lab, Thessaloniki

Fountain of No More Exams

The last time I saw this fountain it wasn’t working. Not only is the water flowing now, but they fancy it up with lights. I caught these shots after a very filling dinner with Ion.

This is the first day of the rest of my days in Greece. Seven days to be exact. The difference now is that I don’t have any more exams, which is nice, but two projects still loom up ahead. I’m not concerned, both are within my grasp to complete on my own, but they are both group projects which adds a whole different dimension to them. Not that I don’t like my group mates, quite the opposite, but collaboration, especially here is difficult. The facilities just don’t allow it. And to make it more complicated, Nenad is leaving the country tomorrow. So we’ll see how this works out. I know that they’ll get finished, but I would actually like to enjoy a couple of days in Greece before I go, so things will likely get pushed to later. All I know is that after this past two weeks, I don’t want to work on them tonight.

On a positive note, my database professor (the one who took that photo during the exam) has invited the class out to dinner tonight. It should be a good time – and I think I’ll bring the Canon which tends to behave a bit better in a low light situation – so there should be photos tomorrow. And there is an excursion planned for Thursday which will also result in many photos and good times had by all in attendance.

And for those who like to know these things (Mom), both exams today went very well. All told, I’m very happy with my results in Greece, despite the conditions.