Food Poisoning

Oh what a shitty day. I spent the entire day in bed trying not to be sick. The irony is that if I were to get sick then it would remove the ‘problem’ from my system and I would likely have felt better. But I have a serious dislike of throwing up so I played it safe - albeit uncomfortable - all day. There was a brief period of time where I considered that it might be the flu, but other than the passing nausea and ‘hot flashes’ I had none of the other usual symptoms of the flu. Granted I don’t get sick very often, but if I think back to the flu I had in grade 6… I recall being quite ill - headache, fever, congestion, etc (I’m sure that you all are familiar at least a little bit) and none of that was present. So I have ruled it to be food poisoning. However I’m not 100% what might have caused it - I’m leaning towards the pizza I ordered last night, but I have ordered from them recently and it was fine. I’m also kind of disappointed that I have half a pizza that I’m going to have to toss because I can’t rule that out as the cause.

Fortunately I do feel a fair bit better now - indicating again that it isn’t the flu. Hopefully by tomorrow morning, all systems will be ago. Thanks for caring.

Written by Colin Bate