Flight Delays suck too

After the plane that was to take us from Montreal to Vancouver was delayed in arriving in Montreal it delayed us boarding the plane. Once we were boarded, they announced that the Cara employees in Montreal had walked off the job that afternoon and the managers were scrambling to get the meals ready for the flight. That delayed us about 20-25 minutes – which in turn meant our ground crew had disappeared to another flight. So all told I think our plane left an hour later than expected. Needless to say, there was much worry about connecting flights. I wasn’t that concerned – figuring that we were carrying at least half of the flight to Victoria from Montreal. Fortunately the same lack of eastern wind that slowed down the arrival of the Montreal bound plane helped us arrive only 25 minutes behind schedule. Just enough time to sit in the gate area for Victoria as they announced pre-boarding. The last leg was pretty uneventful.

Now I’m sitting in my room – fully aware that it is after 5 AM at home and thinking that I should hit the sack. :) After all, breakfast is only available until 9:00.