Flavour Splash

My take on flavoured water: buy juice instead. Today for lunch I thought I’d try something different and get a bottle of water instead of the usual pop or juice. When I got to the beverage cooler I saw that they had Aquafina Flavour Splash. Essential what it is is water with the slightest hint of flavour. In the case of the one I got – raspberry. The other choice I had was Citrus Blend.

When drinking it, I found that it tasted like water going down, but left a light raspberry aftertaste. However, after a while I started to taste the slight sugary flavour which was only barely there and it left me wanting something sweeter. So if you want something a little sweeter than water, your best bet is to go with some sort of juice. The artificial taste to this flavoured water just isn’t worth it.

[PS: there is an unprotected wireless network in the VIA Rail station right now :)]