Flavour of the Month

I had the chance to see Bulletproof Monk last night with my family. I’m sure you have all seen the previews so I won’t go into too much detail. Basically a monk must protect this scroll from a Nazi that had been after him for 60 years. He encounters a young pickpocket and action and comedy ensue. The hook is - there is a girl. Of course there is always a girl, that’s kind of what most action movie goers want to see and let me tell you - I was not disappointed. Since I am the worst person to review movies because I tend to like all of them, I won’t waste your time with bad arguments and cheap trickery. I liked the movie, it was fun, rewatchable and not too long. All characteristics I look for in a potential purchase movie. :) I’d see it in theatres - on a cheap night.

Written by Colin Bate