First Real Snow

We got our first real snowfall last night here in Halifax. Snow is good, when it is just snow, but unfortunately, this was snow and rain and slush and made for some really wet times outside. It is also the point where I realized that I can’t wear my sneakers anymore because they have a huge hole in the bottom of them that allows much slush in. But besides the mess, it was a nice enough day to go out and mock those people who are writing exams.

Along those lines there has been much discussion lately about study space on campus. And while, I personally have never had a problem with this because I live on campus (and I don’t study), I can sort of see that this would appear to be a problem at first glance. The computer science building seems to be the study haven for all sorts of people, none of whom appear to be in computer science. It kind of creeps me out. That being said, there was plenty of room to study. I think that people’s definition of ‘full’ is pretty meager. Things aren’t full until you are elbow to elbow with some stranger that smells like a mixture of bad tuna and Fisherman’s Friends. That being said, none of my damn business… I try to help out by not sprawling out over three couches reading my novel - which I thought about doing, but realized that my apartment had more more appeal - and rootbeer.

Written by Colin Bate