Final Victory

After spending a very pleasant, albeit rainy long weekend at home, I just got back into Halifax. The room is definitely getting sparse now that I have moved my TV and large shelf unit home. I was home for about 5 minutes before I went looking for a movie that I thought I dropped behind my chair. While looking, I noticed that my mousetrap turned ant-trap had a new larger occupant. Yes, once again, I had caught the mouse. Whether it is the same mouse as before is something that I may never know, but what I did know was that I wasn’t going to let him get away this time – once bitten, twice shy as they say. So I very quickly donned my sandals and mouse-handling gloves and went in closer to investigate.

The mouse was fully in the trap this time around and not struggling in the least. I felt that it was possible he had just decided that struggling wasn’t going to work – so I had to make sure he wasn’t still alive. I didn’t want him to reanimate when I picked up the trap scaring the life out of me in the process.

So I poked him.


Comfortable that I wasn’t going to have an embarrassing repeat of last time I decided that I could risk snapping a couple photos. So I did. Then I picked up the trap and stuck it in a nice Jack Fraser’s bag and tied it securely. Then I stuck it in another bag and tied that as well. Then I dumped the whole dead mess into a dumpster down the street from my place.

A relatively unceremonious end to an otherwise interesting struggle. I am going under the impression that I am now mouse free and that I have won the battle. I may not be here long enough to determine one way or another if that is the case. I was worried that I might have to concede defeat when I moved out. But it looks like things just took care of themselves. To think that if the glue traps hadn’t been so successful at catching ants, I might have gotten rid of them a while ago.

Mouse in gluetrap

Mouse in bag