Final goodbye

Durham, NS, Canada


Some things need to come to an end. Crazy european Masters degrees are no exception. I have been hesitant to say anything because this was my creative home away from home for so long. And no one wants to be homeless, so I didn’t want to put the final nail in the coffin until I had a new baby in my arms. Now I do, and now I can.

Now anyone who would like to keep up on my life, regardless of where it may take me can do so – at

In theory the next step for me will be to collect all of the 160-odd posts that I made on this site and combine them, along with the photos that were taken, into some sort of unified document. I’m thinking along the lines of a book. Like a yearbook, but just about me. Likely this “book” will take up residency as some sort of PDF file, but it is possible that I may get it printed somewhere they allow small numbers of copies to be printed. I think back to my time as yearbook editor in high school and remember all the crazy deadlines and hard work, but also the incredible fun I had birthing something original, conceived in my own head. If I can remove the urgency and restrictions inherent in that situation, I think I can really have fun with this. Of course, remove the urgency and deadlines and you have a project which I will think about doing for years to come, doomed to remain a twinkle in my eye. Just like the DVD I was going to author from all my photos from my undergrad.

I will however keep the site online, it does attract attention from some new students of my program and I have no desire to remove that. If anything develops with this site, I will post it both here and on Otherwise however, this site is retired.