Final Chapter

West Hampstead, London

With about 12 hours left until my flight back to Canada, I am currently writing the final chapter for this adventure. Not to say that there won’t be other adventures in the future, but those will be other stories. There will hopefully be one encore to this adventure come July, but that section is still being story-boarded.

The past couple of days have been pretty subdued, although today I did go in for some treatments at the spa—always relaxing. Now I have all of my stuff packed into two suitcases, and I hope that everything makes the flight tomorrow. It is a direct flight which means minimal man-handling of my baggage, but one never knows. Actually if I can check the baggage in without it being overweight I would be satisfied. I’ve already checked in online, so hopefully that will speed things up tomorrow at the airport. I’m getting a drive there and it will be a bit early, which I always like because if I get rushed I get stressed and warm, and I start to sweat, and that isn’t something anyone wants.

The next time I write I will be on the “other side of the pond.”