Faux Paranormal

I went to brunch today at Howe Hall… no big news there, I do that every week. However, as I was walking back to Glengary I was followed by someone. This also isn’t a big deal. Just some random person headed in the same direction I was. I got down almost to the corner of LeMarchant and University Ave, when I heard, “Excuse me, can I take a picture of your head?” I turn around and there is this woman standing there and she was getting a camera out of her bag. “I don’t normally take pictures of the faux paranormal, but that is really cool.” She indicated that she need something to stand on so we went around to the front of the library where she stood on one of the big rocks and quickly snapped a picture of my head. She said thank you and then proceeded to run into the Student Union building. Now the SUB isn’t far from the Library, but clearly it must have been in her best interest to run there. Weird.

To clear the story up a bit, for those of you who haven’t seen me since Friday morning - I have a bat shaved into the back of my head this time. I’ll post a photo at some point once it grows in better. And yes I have had a lot of people comment on my head shavings, but I think this is the only time that a stranger has asked for a photo.

Written by Colin Bate