Everywhere you look there are bad reviews for the Fantastic Four movie. And I will have to admit, it isn’t as strong as some of the other comic book adaptations that I’ve seen. (Most notably Batman Begins is excellent). However, I think it achieved what it set out to do which is to provide an effects riddled action flick based off of a classic comic book quartet. Perhaps the problem is that the original comics started appearing in 1961 and most of the movie goers today and even most of the critics weren’t alive then – certainly not in a position to embrace the power of this family of super heroes.

Like any movie adaptation, certain liberties were taken to provide a workable screen play. However, I think that taking this into consideration will help you see that this movie is quite successful at providing one hour and 46 minutes of fine entertainment. I personally really liked it and so did everyone in my party of five people. Some of you won’t like it I’m sure – you know who you are – but anyone who doesn’t walk through life with some deep rooted resentment or something to prove I’m sure will enjoy it.