Fall on the rock

Pembroke, Bermuda

This is a great time of the year on the island, as there aren’t as many tourists, the weather is still nice, but the humidity isn’t as bad and the winter rains haven’t started yet.

Of course it also means that the kids are back at school so traffic in and around Hamilton is back to nightmarish levels (up from the usual ghoulish levels). I’ve started taking a different route to work, one with fewer schools and less construction, which is win-win in my books.

I think I do take this place for granted a little bit now, which is true of all places I’ve lived now that I think about it. I really enjoy living in different countries, but I’m really not a let’s-soak-as-much-of-this-up-as-we-can type of person. All in good time. My needs are simple, and as such, Bermuda is a great place to live. As long as there are no impending hurricanes. :)