Everything sorted out

OK great news, my computer is working, but it still won’t run XP so I am settling with Windows 2000 Pro. I have also just ordered my new Powerbook. Thank you to everyone who offered advice and support. At one point over the weekend, before I was lucky enough to have 2000 install OK I was seriously considering installing Linux. After a bout of relatively successful installation of debian, I decided that I would actually rather try Mandrake. I knew that Krafty was able to get that working and I did like the way it was set up and so I set to downloading the ISOs. Now ISO files are usually quite big for linux distros… they are roughly 650-700 MB - the size of CDs :) However when I started downloading them - I saw that I was getting some good speed. So I just thought I’d brag about that - until someone shows me up… which they will. :P

Written by Colin Bate