Even developers can save!

Hamilton, Bermuda

If you have an email address and you’ve ever purchased anything online, then you are likely well aware of the many Black Friday sales happening now. Even those of us living outside of the US are affected, and if you aren’t inclined to face the crowds, then save online.

While I typically write about products and services which are free, or at least provide a free option, sometimes paying a little adds significant value. Ultimately I’m looking for value for money. Unfortunately .value-for-money isn’t a TLD yet. And nothing increases the value for money equation like a good sale.

Affinity logo or screenshot


30% off all of their software. If you need a tool like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop but aren’t interested in paying a monthly subscription, then take a look at Affinity. Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are both excellent tools for a low fixed cost. And for the next couple days, that cost is even lower.

Black Friday 2019 - Microsoft Store logo or screenshot

Black Friday 2019 - Microsoft Store

Microsoft has a whole store devoted to Black Friday sales on everything from computers to video games.

Pluralsight logo or screenshot


You can get 40% off personal annual and premium subscriptions. Also worth noting that a number of other developer training sites have sales as well. If there is something you’ve had you eye on, check it out today.

Black-Friday-Deals logo or screenshot


If you are a Mac or iOS user, this GitHub repo has a growing list of sales aimed at devs.