What do you do in an elevator? Really though. Say you ride the elevator to work every day - what do you do for that short time that you are in there? Obviously it might differ from day to day slightly, but chances are the same thing is running through your head every time that you step foot in it. It also depends on whether there are other people in the elevator.

Personally, regardless of elevator, I will usually read that safety inspection certificate thing that is (hopefully) posted at the front of the elevator. You know the one that tells you the maximum capacity of the elevator and is likely signed by Randall Kennedy (if the elevator is in Halifax). If I am by myself in the elevator then the results are varied. Sometimes I’ll pace about, other times I’ll close my eyes to really feel the sensation of accelerating upwards. I just thought that other people might have some unusual habits in an elevator or weird things that pass through their minds. :P

Written by Colin Bate