For those out there who didn’t watch the Superbowl last night, you missed quite a show. I’m not a huge football fan myself, but I did enjoy hanging out in the CS building last night to watch the big game. We had two large screens showing the game, plus a full bar, BBQ and pizza. Combine that with the leather couches which are always in the atrium and you have yourself a great place to watch the Superbowl with friends.

And it was certainly a tight game — tied at 14 after three quarters — a first in Superbowl history. However the New England Patriots were able to maintain a small lead in the last quarter — leading to a 24-21 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the third Superbowl in four years for the Pats and the beginning of what some people are dubbing a dynasty.

We were stuck watching the Canadian ads during the game, but the American ads are available for viewing at iFilm. Enjoy.

Written by Colin Bate