Dying inside

UC3M, Leganés, Spain

When will people stop teaching frames to new students learning HTML/CSS/whatever? Because it hurts me. It hurts the internet. And most importantly, it is going to hurt them if I ever see someone actually using them. They take the effort to teach us that it is important to separate content and presentation and I felt that finally I had found some relief from the internet hate that most people like to spew out. They even go through the WAI accessibility guidelines – how refreshingly progressive. And then in the lab – Dreamweaver and frames. Bend over internet, Erasmus Mundus is lubing up. She is actually spending over thirty minutes explaining how many different ways Dreamweaver can create frames. Oh and earlier she said that Dreamweaver has the excellent ability to convert standard compliant layouts into table-based layout. It’s like she is trying to piss me off.

But I’ll chalk this all up to ignorance and hope that through my attempts to re-educate my colleagues, the internet can be spared too much of a reaming. If not, I’ll be sure to recommend myspaces, where this kind of behavior is rewarded with the golden blink tag.

Maybe I shouldn’t write these posts when I’m angry… but that wouldn’t be fun and regrettable. :)