Well folks, if you weren’t out out to Dusted last night, you really missed a great time. We ended up in Queensland, just past Hubbards at a place called the Seabreeze. The place was not very busy, but it was quite nice. People started ordering drinks, and Chris, Martin, Richard and I started playing darts (which I haven’t played in like, forever).

It wasn’t however, until Gloria showed up that things got really interesting. She was the woman who did the karaoke and told us that she could set it up for us. So she did and once we started, well, we just couldn’t stop. It turned out that we had to “bribe” the bus driver to stay until 2am, when the bar closed. So we sang (sort of) until closing and then piled into the bus to come home. I personally had an awesome time and thanks to Richard, Tracy, Andy, Mike and any one else who had a hand in organizing this event.

But the fun isn’t over for me though. Tonight is the first (and only) Glengary Pub Crawl. The t-shirt is the one pictured to the right. Starts around 7pm I believe and then we end up at the Dome if I recall. I will likely have more to say about that tomorrow morning.

So this weekend is a busy one for me. I also am stealing any free moments to work on assignments. The strike continues, but the end is in sight, I guess. I’ll tell it like I know it. So far that is all I know. :)

Written by Colin Bate