Dim Sum

People have told me about Dim Sum for a while (mostly my aunt), but I’ve never had the opportunity until today. After sleeping in until after noon, I sauntered down to the Great Wall restaurant. Apparently dim sum is only supposed to be eaten in the morning, but they keep it going until like 2pm at the Great Wall because it is quite popular. The restaurant was full when we got there, and from what I could see there were quite a few tables. Essentially, dim sum is comprised of several small dishes that you choose and share with your party. Many restaurants have carts that they wheel around and you can choose what you want from that. However, the Great Wall has a simple menu that you check off what you want and they bring you it in various stages. The problem we had with that was that we couldn’t remember what we ordered entirely and when things arrived it took a bit to figure out who was going to eat what. I knew however, that I hadn’t ordered any squid - which in addition to looking frightening, smelled awful. All told, although I did enjoy parts of it, I don’t think that I will be attending again. I think I will be sticking to a brunch that focuses around bacon and eggs as opposed to shrimp and squid.

Written by Colin Bate