Dice 6.0 Released

I don’t normally make posts when I release new versions of my various apps and tools, but since this app probably has the widest use, I figured I probably should to explain the changes.

The app I’m referring to is my Dice PWA at

There are three main changes.

The first is that you no longer need to shift-click or press and hold the dice to lock them. Just click on them. This makes it easier to do since I for one had some issues on touch devices with the long press. This also means that you can only roll by clicking / tapping the table, but that is pretty natural.

The second change is the small sums display at the bottom right of the table. This is only present if you are using standard numbered dice. The purpose of this is to show you the sum total of all dice and of any locked dice. This makes it easier to play games like Yahtzee with the app.

And the final change is the ability to configure one of four different background colors for the dice. This has no functional impact other than it allows for scenarios where you have multiple instances of the app running with different colors to designate different meaning. For example if you are playing an RPG and you need to roll for attack and defense. You could make attack red and defense blue for example.

Two Dice apps with different color dice

Also don’t forget about the little known existing feature, if you have the app open in multiple tabs or windows of the same browser, tapping any instance will cause all of them to roll.

Look out for some other release notices as I’m in the mood to update apps.

Brett Jordan