Dawn of the Dead

As you may have heard, this movie is currently in theatres and doing quite well. Which is all well and good, but it is a zombie movie which typically one wouldn’t expect to do very well. Regardless… I do plan on seeing it on Saturday. Most people that I know assume that the movie would reduce them to tears/a puddle of urine and have refused to go. But I can’t see it being that bad. After all it is a movie.

And speaking of movies that have to be seen: Jersey Girl - yet another film by my personal hero, Kevin Smith. Penny Arcade made mention of Kevin on Wednesday which was kind of cool - when worlds collide. There was also a bit about Kevin in the paper that Chris was reading in HCI - apparently he was giving a talk of some sort in Toronto. In any case I hope to find some time in the next month to go see it, but things are definitely looking like I have more projects than time left in the term. Damn… who would have known that this university thing would be so time consuming.

Written by Colin Bate