Database Exam

AUTh Lab, Thessaloniki

Database Exam

Prof. Mitkas wanted to take photos of the class doing the exam and I had my camera handy. More photos in gallery. (Photo credit: Pericles Mitkas)

After a weekend of what was apparently an appropriate amount of studying, we wrote the database exam today at 11:00. However, what most of us didn’t know was that the exam was open book. Obviously an open book exam is a bit different than a closed book exam both in how you prepare and how you write it. And most of us didn’t have any books, notes or other materials other than the slides downloaded onto our laptops. So we were allowed to bring out the laptops and use those to read the slides. Much more efficient than printed material in my opinion. Especially since the slides were in PDF format and the Tiger version of Preview has some very nice search capabilities.

So we only have one written exam (which we all know is open book) and one oral exam tomorrow. Aside from the brief complication that my oral exam was scheduled to start at the same time as the written exam, everything should be fine. The written exam is PHP which I know like the back of my hand – maybe even better. ;P I will go over some of the theory for the fuzzy logic oral exam but that is mostly about my assignment, so I’m not terribly worried about it. The weird thing is that even though we will still have two largish projects to keep us busy, tomorrow is the last day that we really need to come onto campus. After the exams we are only for the projects which we can theoretically submit and work on from anywhere. But who am I kidding, I guarantee you that most people will be in the lab because of the internet. Some people are even leaving on Wednesday and Thursday. It is almost like I fell asleep on the plane from London and I’m going to wake up in Spain with strange pains in strange places.

But hey, the (off campus) food is good.