That’s right… I have heard for a bit that there were plans to create yet another spin off from CSI, this time in New York. Now according to the radio, there are rumours that Gary Sinise would be the new Grissom. I think that this would be cool. I am a pretty big fan, and I know that he could do a pretty great job, but I’m worried that he might be too big of a star. Most of the actors who play in the CSI shows were relatively unknown before they started the show. The exceptions being the male leads - Grissom and Horatio. But neither of them were as well known as Gary Sinise. In any case, I hope for the best. I am not a great big CSI: Miami fan, but I have hopes that I can get into a New York version.

As a side note to this, I recently ordered the third season of CSI which is due to release March 30. Obviously, my copy won’t ship until after then, but the order has been made. The bad news is that it will arrive just in time to be an incredible distraction for exams. But I will hold off and wait until I am working until I endulge. Yea right.

Written by Colin Bate