Convenient storage

The following ideas and concepts are not mine alone, they belong to Chris as well. I don’t know how many of you have thought of this before, but imagine if you could just hold an object in the air and then just leave it there. It doesn’t float off or fall to the ground, it just stays right there. You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t have some use for this.

So the real question is how do you pull something like this off. Obviously it doesn’t happen already. Clearly it defies the natural laws that we all know and love. So Chris and I put some R&D into the issue and came up with a somewhat reasonable solution. However along the way we came up with some very unreasonable solutions. Bear in mind that all solutions were devised quite late when neither of us had all of our wits about us.

One of the early ideas was to have a beam that would render objects the same density as air, thus denying gravity its pleasure. At this point implementation was not a concern. However, we decided that such objects would float away and would not necessarily stay in one spot. Simply stopping time for that object would work to keep it in one spot, but you would be able to see the object, or retrieve it for that matter, two desirable features of the concept. A very fast time loop was proposed, one where the object could update itself to reflect the current changes. This also had some holes, but was the most promising to date. I believe that a wormhole to an alternate time could work, having the oject sitting on something in a parallel world, but here it is in the air. Sketchy at best. Then came the focused magnetic fields, emitted from devices on the ceiling - three of them.

All of these ideas were kind of cool, but as far as I was concerned, outside of the realm of contemporary science. So we settled on a more manageable ides. Flying nano-bots. Very tiny robots - million and millions of them in the room that would allow you to hold things in the air and these bots would swarm around the object and provide lift for it. Essentially you wouldn’t know these things were in the room - too small to see - like flying bacteria. You may need some cool device like the glove from Minority Report to gather these bots, or they could simply detect your intentions. So this was our reasonable idea - still well beyond anything that I expect to happen in the next couple years, but I don’t imagine that it will be too long. Thoughts?

Written by Colin Bate