Computer Dilema

No this has nothing to do with my non-functioning desktop. It has entirely to do with my potential new laptop. I was completely gung-ho about getting the 12.1 inch iBook for roughly $2000 - and I still am. However, Apple had the nerve to release two new Powerbook models - a 17” and 12.1” model. OK fine, they are still pretty expensive. So I get into PCPC today, fully intending to walk out with an iBook when I see that the Powerbook 12.1” is only $450 more than the iBook and it has a higher class processor with a faster clock, 10 GB extra hard disk and twice the RAM - plus it is a Powerbook - bragging rights forever. So now I have to contemplate my decision a bit more carefully. The only caveat is that the Powerbook won’t be in until the middle of Febuary… at least that is what Apple is saying to cover their ass. So you can see that I’m in a bit of a bind. I want to hear your opinion and I have changed the poll to reflect my options. Cheers.

Written by Colin Bate