I have finished what is quite possibly the coolest assignment that I have ever done. I have written a compiler for a subset of Java. It is called MiniJava and it handles multiple classes, object orientation, integer arrays and everything associated with that. It can only have integer and boolean variables and values, and the only I/O it supports is System.out.println(); for integers. So as you can imagine, there are only a finite number of programs that this is good for, epecially since you need to hard code all of your input. All told I think I spent about 16-18 hours on it - including some very unproductive late night hours. It wasn’t necessarily the most fun assignment, but definitely the one I get the most satisfaction from. Once the assignment is done, I will post the source for those who care to take a look. Until then, I am going to just get some much needed sleep. Cheers.

Written by Colin Bate