Cleaning the pool

This is really the first summer that I have been at home for any length of time. The past few summers have either been spent working in Halifax or in school – again in Halifax. However, as I have finished up with my work in Halifax and I don’t start school at UVic until September, I get to spend a couple of lovely months at home.

For those who haven’t been for a visit, my family has a pool – one they installed after I left for university. So while I have enjoyed it from time to time on visits, I never really had to take care of the pool maintenance that many casual swimmers take for granted. I had seen my brothers and my father work at it, but I basically watched from the sidelines. This summer I got to learn – really fast – how to filter, drain, vacuum and scrub the pool. And having been the only one home during the day for the later half of this week, I took on the task of getting the pool clean enough to swim in. And now it is. In fact today was around 30°C here and while the water was only 22°C it was certainly a welcome refuge from the heat.