Charity Ball Revisited

The 15th Annual DSU Charity Ball that was held this past Friday night was raising money for the Lt. Chris Saunders Trust Fund. If you recall, I spoke of this event last year, and like last year, they seemed to have done a horrible job advertising — or maybe it is just me, because the event was sold out. In fact, I heard whisperings of the fact that they actually over booked the evening. This is at least the third Charity Ball that I have attended and I will say that despite moving to a waited dinner from a buffet, the food was better before. Also, the live auction had a different auctioneer and fewer items up for bid and definitely wasn’t as interesting as years past. And even the lighting, although interesting, wasn’t quite like last year. Talking to Blaine who helped setup the lighting, I guess the crew didn’t like it as much either. The saving grace, the only thing better this year over last was the band. This year they had the Fabulous Fossils who sang mostly covers of oldies from the Beatles, Steppenwolf, CCR, and many other well know greats. I will say that their between song banter was rather corny to the point of embarrassing, but the music itself was very well done.

Written by Colin Bate